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Despite any preconceptions you may have, renting a party bus does not have to be an out of control expense! Especially when you make the smart choice to rent your party buses from Tempe Party Bus. Unlike many other companies out there, we don't tack on additional fees when you decide to party even longer than you planned to. We just keep charging the normal hourly rate that you already spoke to us about prior to your trip. No surprises on your bill! In addition, where other companies will charge you for a full hour over even if you only used ten minutes of that hour, we break each hour into four, meaning that you're only charged every 15 minutes. Your funds will never be wasted on an hour you didn't really use. For other prices we recommend Toledo Limo Service and Limo Bus Denver

Even if you're a new graduate with limited funds or you're on a strict budget for other reasons, you'll find that it's so comfortable to work with the Tempe Party Bus staff to come up with a party bus travel plan that you can afford. Our team will be able to put your fears to rest and give you confidence in your party plans, knowing that you're not getting in over your head or agreeing to anything that you'll have a hard time paying for. Our up-front pricing policies are one of the reasons that we've been able to do business with mostly only word-of-mouth paving the way for us. Honesty, clarity, and affordability are just as important to Tempe Party Bus as they are to you.

You'll be able to secure a price quote instantly and for free by calling us anytime day or night or sending us an email. This, too, is an uncomplicated process. Since there's zero obligation, you don't have to provide any personal information or credit card digits. If you do decide that you'd like to accept the price quote, you can always call us back to secure your party date or come down to our offices and make the party bus deposit in person, if you prefer. You should note that it's best to book your party bus as early as possible to ensure availability. We recommend at least two weeks in advance whenever possible, but we'll do everything that we can to work with you even if you're dialing us up at the very last minute! When you're ready to speak with us about our pricing, call 480-382-1380 or email us here.

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